Boarding House

paginedescrizione-6We receive your dogs in 56 boxes according to law, provided with certificate ISO 9002.You can also choose between two different sixes: medium-sized(3m x 1,20) and large-sized(3,50m x 1,50), both divided in a completely insulated day and night areas. You are allowed to visit the place where your friends will spend their holidays, and where could come and see them in the event of your stay in Sardinia.
As in a de luxe hotel, your dogs will be petted and looked after 24 hours a day; Feeding can be personalized and can provide, when necessary, for the toelette. On your request dogs of the same owner can share the same box.
During the day, play and at least four long walks in the green hill are granted to each dog separately.Each guest must be provided with regular vaccination record-book, antirabic vaccination and microchip; each owner has to draw up a contract of stay for his own dog. For us it makes no difference if your dogs are a nice or rascal, small or big ones: we'll look after them with the same love, passion and professionalism.