paginedescrizione-8We're passionate dog-lovers for over 30 years. We attend to dog's education from his earliest youth till the high agonistic level.The basic education of a dog is directed to a better cohabitation in our society, so it is important to accustom our friends to the presence of other dogs and persons. Our training courses consist of teaching, through play and little prizes as food, daily elements as for example "sit down" "come here" and others. Since some year we also practice Agility.The dog Agility is a sport discipline who was born in England and arrived in Italy at the end of the years eighty. being inspired by equestrian competition of jump,born the necessity to create the same combination between dog and master.And so was born a "fun" discipline which contributes to strengthen the relation of trust and harmony between dog and master. Those passionate who want to be part of this agonistic world can join our dog-loving group. Besides, we prepare your dogs for exhibitions and shows.